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Compsoc - 15 years and counting

Congratulations to the new freshers!

Do you have an interest in computers? Programming? Gaming? Building them? Are you interested in getting involved in building robots? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then Compsoc is for you.

Compsoc is a friendly collection of people who share a loose interest in various forms of computing, and in having a good time. For more information about what we do, see our About Compsoc page. Our upcoming events are listed on the right.

Join our Facebook page, or say hello to some current members on our IRC channel on irc.green-dragon.org (#compsoc) (Might be a bit quiet during the vacations). Not used IRC before? We've got a guide to getting connected. You can also access our IRC channel by this web client.

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What is the Computing Society?

The Computing Society exists for anyone interested in computers to get together. We meet every Tuesday for a short talk followed by the pub, as well as running other events (LAN parties, workshops, trips to places like Bletchley Park, various socials...) We also support computing efforts in the area, especially where open source software is involved. See About Compsoc for more information.

So why come along to CompSoc?

CompSoc is a great way to meet other people interested in computers. Our talks and socials are generally open to anyone (including non-members) for free, so why not come along and see what you think?

Get in contact

If you've any questions come along to one of our talks (usually 8:30pm on Tuesdays in CG60) or socials, email computing.society@dur.ac.uk or talk to us online on IRC (a web client is available).

Recent News

15/08/13 12:31 - Congratulations to new Freshers!

Many congratulations from Compsoc to everyone who's found that they're coming to Durham!

If you're interested in any aspect of computers you should give us a try - come along to one of our talks (a full list will be on here by the start of term, and all talks are free to non members); see us at ...

Andrew - read full bulletin

22/06/13 16:24 - End of 2012-13

Another year is over. We've had some good talks and good socials, but there is more to come - watch this space for our plans ...

Andrew - read full bulletin

27/03/13 13:18 - New exec, and future plans

Hope you're all having a good Easter break! For anyone who missed the news, we've got a new exec (headed up by Andrew ...

Andrew - read full bulletin


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