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Several members of the Computing Society are, or have been, involved in computing projects. These range from curiosities to entire programming languages!

If you're interested in helping with any of these projects, or would like help with one of your own projects, please get in touch with the exec or directly with the project maintainers.

Projects of interesting include:

Whitespace History

Whitespace has been an interesting project, it got compsoc.dur.ac.uk slashdotted on April 1st 2003. Throughout the day toast got lots of web hits topping out at 13.4 hits/second. By midnight it had dropped down to around 3 hits/second. compsoc.dur.ac.uk had 385202 hits just for Whitespace in the first day. It wasn't a problem with the load average around 0.02, and about 45 apache processes.

Details of the hits can be found in this Report

Various articles marking this historical event can be found at....

Whitespace keeps appearing in various places even today.

Seems that Whitespace is the top of google too.

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