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The Computing Society has run several 'workshops' over the years, taking a group of people through the basics of a computing topic. These workshops, and associated notes, are listed here.

The society holds regular workshops for its members. Details of future workshops can be found on the events page. This page has various information from previous workshops that you may have missed.

Introduction to LaTeX

On November 22nd 2008 Jenny Radcliffe gave an introduction to the basics of using LaTeX in a popular workshop that was booked out almost before it was advertised. This workshop, along with a more advanced follow up, will be repeated next term and a worksheet is available here. If you'd like any more information, or are having trouble with LaTeX, please email Compsoc.

Introduction to Perl

The third of our workshops, held on 9th November 1999, saw Steve Quinney and Edwin Brady introduce the wonderful world of the programming language of Perl. The handout from this workshop is available in a series of linked web pages. You can view them by clicking here.

Regular Expressions

This workshop was held on 16th November 1999, and Edwin Brady's notes for it are available here.

Beginning with Python

Edwin Brady and Andrew Stribblehill stumbled through this workshop on 30th November 1999. Notes for the workshop are available here.

Introduction to LaTeX

Dave Nutter guided us through everyone's favourite markup language on January 25th 2000. Notes for the workshop are available here in both PostScript and HTML format (created using the LATEX2HTML package, funnily enough).

Intelligent web design

Tim Packer took us through the use of CSS (cascading style sheets) and how to make your pages browser-compatible, in this rather short workshop held on February 9th 2000. If you want to look at his examples, click here.

Further notes from a previous workshop, written by Edwin Brady, are also available for you to look at. They are in PostScript format.

For the future

If you have any ideas or suggestions for possible workshops, or if you would like to give a workshop, please contact us at computing.society@dur.ac.uk.

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