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How to use Fetchmail

As written by a Linux noob

If you have a CompSoc Toast account, then you have a matching e-mail account on the server. It can give you much more features and freedom than the seperate exchange/durham.ac.uk e-mail account such as downloading mail using your favourite program.

Please be clear that means two seperate e-mail accounts, on this page we will refer to them in the following way:

To access/read/view/send your CompSoc toast mail you...

Getting emails to Toast

poll eximap.dur.ac.uk proto IMAP user "[ITS Username]" password "[password]"

Moving the emails

Try running "fetchmail", it should now check your emails and give a response like:
"fetchmail: No mail for [ITS Username] at eximap.dur.ac.uk"
This is the end of the first step, well done.

Automating fetchmail

So our emails are getting to Toast when we run a script, but wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to run a command every time we wanted emails.
*/20 * * * * fetchmail -s

You just added a cron job to run fetchmail every 20 minutes. The -s parameter puts fetchmail into silent mode - you will get and email telling you it has run every time without.

Forwarding the emails

So what if you want to use Gmail (or your other favourite service that can't get emails from IMAP)?

Much like creating the .fetchmailrc file, we need a .forward file. So as before:

If you want to keep your mail on Toast as well, you might think to add your @compsoc.dur.ac.uk adress in too. But don't - this will create a mail loop and bad things will happen. Instead, you need to prefix it with a "\" giving:

This will forward a copy whilst keeping a copy for you.

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