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Keeping Firefox settings on ITS machines

Warning - This only works on the older ITS machines, not on the new Windows 7 ones

Do you find it annoying that you can't, for example, set your home page in Firefox on the ITS machines? Here's how to do it.

Step 1:

Go to the Start menu, click on Run, and type in:

"Z:\licence\Mozilla Firefox3\firefox.exe" -profilemanager

Press OK. A window should appear titled 'Firefox - Choose User Profile'

Step 2:

Click on Create Profile, then Next, and then Choose Folder.

Navigate to the J: drive, and create a directory there with a name like 'ff-profile'

Clock on OK, then on Finish, and then on Start Firefox

Step 3:

You might notice that none of the Internet is working. That's because you need to set the proxy.

Go to the Tools menu, and click on Options - Advanced - Network - Settings - Auto-detect proxy settings for this network. Click on OK, and OK

The internet will now work, and you can change any settings you wish (home page, etc.).

Step 4:

The last stage - making it stay the next time you log in.

Create a shortcut on the desktop (right click - New - Shortcut), and in the box type:

"Z:\licence\Mozilla Firefox3\firefox.exe" -profile "J:\ff-profile"
(or whatever you called it, if not ff-profile)

Click Next, then Finish. Now when you next log in to an ITS machine you'll find that shortcut still there on the desktop, and still keeping its settings

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