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Author Title
Aeleen FrischEssential System Administration Pocket Reference
Arnold RobbinsUNIX in a Nutshell
Brian W. Kernighan and Rob PikeThe Unix Programming Environment
Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. RitchieThe C programming Language
Christopher EvansThe Mighty Micro
Dan Gookin & Andy RathbonePCs For Dummies
Daniel P. Bovet & Marco CesatiUnderstanding the Linux Kernal
Dyson, Peter; Kelly-Bootle, Stan; Heilborn, JohnUnix Complete
Ellis, TMRStructured FORTRAN (FORTRAN 77 Course)
Frank CarterCodebreaking with the Colossus Computer
Frank CarterThe Turing Bombe
Frank Mittelbach and Michel GoossensThe LaTeX Companion
Freedman / Mainland (ed.)A Pocket Guide to O'Reilly Animals
Frisch, AEleenEssential Windows NT System Adminstration
Goossens, Michel, Frank Mittelbach and Alexander SamarinThe LaTeX Companion
Harvel, Lonnie et Al.UNIX And Windows 2000 Handbook - Planning, Integration and Administration
Hugh E. Williamson & David LaneWeb Databse Applications with PHP and MySql
Hunt, RogerPocket Guide to BASIC
Jennifer NiederstWeb Design In A Nutshell (A Desktop Quick Reference)
Kopka, Helmut & Daly, PatrickGuide to LaTeX
Lamport, LeslieLaTeX: A Document Preparation System
Leslie LamportLaTeX - A Document Preparation System
Lines, Malcolm EA Number for your Thoughts
Martin, James and Norman, Adrian RDThe Computerized Society
Neil Matthews, Richard StonesBeginning Linux Programming
Niederst, JenniferWeb Design in a Nutshell
Nielsen, JakobDesigning Web Usability
Peter Prinz and Tony CrawfordC in a Nutshell
Powers, ShelleyPainting the Web
Prigmore, Clive30 Hour BASIC
Rahtz, Sebastian et alTex Live 2003
Randi J RostOpenGL Shading Language
Robins, Arnold UNIX in a Nutshell
Schlossberg Edwin & Brockman JohnThe Pocket Calculator Game Book
Shelley, JohnPocket Guide (Introduction) To Programming
SinclairScientific Programmable Operating Instruction
Stanek, William RAdminstrator's Pocket Consultant - MS Windows 2000
Strawbridge, MatthewNetiquette: Internet Etiquette in the Age of the Blog
The GNUWin TeamGNUWinII - Free Software Compilation for Windows
The Ubuntu TeamUbuntu Linux CD Pack
The Ubuntu TeamUbuntu Linux CD Pack
The Ubuntu TeamUbuntu Linux CD Pack
Tim O'ReillyTim O'Reilly in a Nutshell
Tulloch, MitchMicrosoft Exchange Server In A Nutshell - A Desktop Quick Reference
Wall, Larry, Tom Christiansen and Randal L. SchwartzProgramming Perl
Welsh, Matt, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer and Lar KaufmanRunning Linux