Apache 2 Pocket Reference

This book is a very good pocket guide to Apache2 and makes a useful quick alternative to the main reference pages for people interested in administrating or programming an Apache server.
It covers all the core features and the most common modules including URL rewriting, filters, caching, proxying and SSL/TLS.

This book documents all the config options with a clear structure including, where in the config they are allowed, what module provides them and a description of all it's values. It also contains an introduction to all the mpms and the modules covered in the book.3

This book is a good reference but it is not for a complete beginner to web servers; there were a few sections that I didn't understand because I didn't have the necessary background. For people new to web server administration something like "Apache Cookbook" would be more appropriate.

This is ideal for any developer who wants a compact reference to refer to while they are working.
Score 9/10.

Simon Armstrong


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