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Computers never fail to get smaller and more powerful, and the current generation of microcontrollers give hobbyists access to the sort of power we dreamed about on the desktop only a few years ago. The most well known of these one stop microcontroller platforms is Arduino, packing a powerful processor, oodles of inputs and outputs, and a simple to use development environment.

The Arduino Cookbook offers a project-based introduction to Arduino, taking the reader though the basics of writing 'sketches', Arduino programs written in a c-like language which are built and uploaded to the board using the development kit.

The book progresses though more complex problems, including accessing sensors, driving servos and motors, and interfacing with peripheral bards like network, GPS and LCD screens.

The recipe orientated design of the book is both the book's main strength and its weakness. The coverage of things you can do with Arduino is extensive and there's code to go with all of them. The 'problem', 'solution', 'discussion' format does make finding specifics more tricky however, and means this isn't really a generic reference work.

As an inspirer, however it is unmatched, and within a few pages you'll be brimming with ideas of what you want to do with your own Arduino kit.


Stu Teasdale


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