Designing Mobile Interfaces

-Great for reference
-Plentiful images
-Helpful layout

-Lots of skipping around (it sometimes talks about figures on different pages, so I had to flick back a few pages quite a few times)


This is a great reference book for anyone who needs to design a usable interface for a small screen. The book is split into design patterns which makes it easy to find what you're looking for. The use of anti-patterns, or "what not to do" is also a valuable part of the book in encouraging good practice. It's not just a GUI book either, it details interactions and transitions in just as much detail. Some of the patterns are fairly similar or self-explanatory at times, but the authors explain their reasoning for this.

I got this book to aid me with a mobile development project and I've already taken a few ideas from it and the patterns give a nice terminology to explain ideas to the rest of the team. Once you've read it, it makes a good shelf book which can use to read up how to implement a pattern well or alternatives which might work better.

One of my favourite parts of the book is actually how the book is designed. The colour coding and section headers make it easy to scan for what you need and there are lots of images which aid understanding. Occasionally they talk about images that are a few pages back and it breaks the flow of reading a bit, but pages can only hold so much I suppose.
Matthew Bates


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