Gamification by Design

Gamification by Design is an easy way to start using ‘gamification’ to promote ‘customer engagement’ and other such buzzword orientated goals. At fewer than 170 pages, it is a short read, especially considering the final two chapters are essentially useless tutorials. The penultimate chapter is an example gamified forum system, written in Ruby on Rails. Non-programmers will not find much use for the information, while Ruby programmers will find it too easy to be of use. The final chapter is openly sponsored by Badgeville, and reads more like a how to get started guide, for using their service.

Gamification by Design makes a good argument for using and implementing gamification in your business. For those that don’t know what gamification is (points systems which unlock badges, trophies and other such rewards which are so ubiquitous these days) and want to know why use interface developers are so enamoured with them, this book will provide an introduction, and if you’ve decided gamification is a tool you may wish to use, Gamification by Design will walk you through finding new ways to engage and reward your potential customers. Some readers may take offence at the last chapter being sponsored by Badgeville, and many other portions of the book reading like an advertisement for gamification services, especially the authors’ website. For little over 100 pages of content, Gamification by Design is slightly expensive at its RRP, but would be worth a read for the curious if it can be found discounted.

Jonathan Hammler


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