HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 is aimed at getting existing web developers up to speed with the new HTML and CSS specifications, without them having to wade through thousands of pages of the official specification documents. The book is exactly what I was looking for; it details the most important changes including which browsers currently support them, and how to gracefully degrade your page for the browsers which don’t. The book covers HTM5’s new structural tags, form features and attributes, audio, video and Canvas features along with Drag-and-Drop handling. Web Storage, Web SQL Databases, Web Sockets, cross-site scripting and the new geo-location API is covered. The new features introduced by CSS3 such as selectors, gradients, shadows and transformations are all explained.

The book also covers what’s been removed in the new specification; many popular tags have been deprecated. I found this information (and the suggested alternatives) to be invaluable.

There are many code samples and examples. I found the information concerning what was supported in each browser and particular examples of fallback techniques for when a browser doesn't support a feature to be very impressive.

The author expects the reader to be familiar with jQuery, however many of the uses can be implemented using plain-old JavaScript without the unnecessary library. Although a jQuery primer is provided, I felt that its use in the book was unnecessary and only serves to confuse those who are unfamiliar with jQuery.

The glossary style features quick reference, comprehensive index and short jQuery primer make the book a good quick reference. There is also a resources section which provides links to tools that web developers may find useful, but are unrelated to HTML5 and CSS3. There is a lot of material packed into 248 pages and as such I would not hesitate to recommend HTML5 and CSS3 to any web developer who wants to start using the newest iterations of web markup languages.

Score: 9/10

Jonathan Hammler


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