MySQL Stored Procedure Programming

I was somewhat reluctant to review this mighty tome when I saw that it weighed in at 636 pages, but I'm very glad I did. My initial impressions were unfavourable: there were some annoying typos even before I'd reached Page 1. Nevertheless, the book quickly gets into its stride and covers a huge amount of information before packing the reader off to tame the wilds of stored procedure programming.

The book is structured in four parts: Stored programming Fundamentals, Stored Program Construction, Using MySQL Stored Programs in Applications and Optimising Stored Programs.

The 150-page introductory section gives a brief tutorial on the subject: it's comprehensive enough that you can be productive from just this section.

Part II is much more of a reference manual, covering stored procedures, stored functions, triggers, views and transactions. I fully expect to make most use of this when I develop stored programs.

Part III covers the interaction between stored programs and a few popular programming environments (Perl, PHP, Python, Java and .NET). Other than handling stored procedures' facility for returning multiple tables, these chapters could easily have been found in a general book on MySQL.

Part IV shows how to make stored programs fast. It is an excellent primer for SQL optimisation in MySQL as well as the other aspects of performance that impinge on stored programs.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book to anyone who uses MySQL, either as a knowledgable amateur or professionally.

Score: 8 out of 10.

Andrew Stribblehill


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