SQL and Relational Theory, 2nd Edition

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This book provides an understandable bridge between SQL in theory and SQL in practice. By knowing the theory behind SQL, I'm finding it easier to write more efficient code with less errors. In a recent project, I had to maintain a database which was fairly badly designed and this book became my go to. It focuses on good practice, which made it easy to implement something that my colleagues could easily use and understand.

The writing style is clear and concise; the book covers the important points in around 300 pages, which was useful for a student with not much time on their hands. My favourite part by far is the multitude of examples and the in-depth explanations. Each chapter has a set of exercises and the answers are in the back, making it a great study book. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone tired of reading a dry database theory book or wants to know more about how SQL works behind the scenes.

Matthew Bates


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