Subject To Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World

Subject to Change sits as an unusual title for O' Reilly; this is not a book about technology or computing, this is a book about selling technology.

The book aims to provide guidance for those of us who have an idea and want to take it dotcom, of those of us who are looking for help to find the idea in the first place. It also purports to be a book to help existing companies adapt to the Agile, Interactive and Long Tailed world we supposedly all live in.

If you strip away the layers of buzzwords and hype that this book embraces rather too readily you will find some insight into the art of product design, and it contains some interesting case studies, but this is not a casual read. It also rather glosses over the curse of web 2.0, actually making money rather than just gaining users.

All in all this is an interesting read if you're interested in the business of technology, or if you're keen to be the next Jobs or Bezos, but you've still got to come up with the idea yourself!

Stu Teasdale


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