These pages are kept for historical purposes only. Current development of ChessRogue is taking place on SourceForge. Unless you're curious about what the 3-day version looked like, I recommend getting the latest ChessRogue version instead.

ChessRogue is a loose cross between the classic games of Rogue and Chess. The original version was developed as a (successful) attempt at the 3-day roguelike challenge of This has since been extended and had a few bug fixes to give Version 2. I didn't count the days for that one. Unless you are interested in the historical development, I recommend you go straight for version 2.

It is open source (GPL 2) and written in Kaya. Libraries (Lfrand, for example) available from the Kaya site are not included in the source packages. You will probably need Kaya 0.1.24 or higher to compile it. If this version hasn't been released yet, you will need to grab the development version from darcs.

On Windows, if you don't have Cygwin installed, you will need to use the cr.bat file to run the game.

Download ChessRogue Version 1

This is the original 3DRL program, released 30 May 2005.

Download ChessRogue Version 2

This is a version with extra features, released 9 July 2005.

Unicode Version

People with decent Unicode support on their terminals can try the experimental Unicode version (linux only, for now). This - if your fonts support it - has chess symbols instead of letters.

If it doesn't work on your terminal, then it doesn't. It's very hit-and-miss as to whether you have the fonts or not. A uxterm or urxvt under X seems fairly reliable, consoles or access through PuTTY from windows isn't so good. Still, it'll make a good test of your terminal's Unicode support.

It does work if the terminal co-operates, honest.

Changes from Version 1 to Version 2

Thanks to ABCGi, Jennifer Gray and Timothy Pruett for their bug reports and suggestions.

Things not fixed in version 2

The first two don't give enough benefit for the time it would take to implement, in my opinion (though if anyone gives a patch it can go in). The latter turned out to be fairly essential for game balance to stop levels 10+ being nightmarish as opposed to very difficult.

Incidentally, all of these are fixed (or as much as I feel would be good for gameplay) in the new ChessRogue

Licensing Note

If you want - as is your right under the GPL (3b) - a copy of the source for the (unmodified) cygwin DLLs in the windows version, and would for some reason prefer to obtain that source from me rather than direct from Cygwin, then please ask.

Chris Morris